Our Story


Founded in 2023 by brothers Hamza and Emad, Chargul is a family-owned company focused on intercultural exchange and craft preservation. While working in tech, a passion to curate antique textiles and a deep respect for specialized handiwork led us to create Chargul.

Our goal is to promote cultural awareness of global artisanship and foster direct relationships with our weavers. With the help of our friends and family, we personally source each rug from global weavers. This guarantees that our products are climate friendly and benefit artisans directly. 

That is why we make sure to put extra care into owning all the parts of our supply chain. From the first threads to your door step, we make sure that the best sustainable craftsmanship from around the world can reach your home. Please feel free to contact us to learn more!


Our Products

Chargul brings the vibrant culture and masterful artistry of craftsmen into American homes through our collection of hand knotted wool rugs. Our pieces exhibit stunning traditional designs and textures, each rug carrying on centuries-old weaving traditions. We directly source our rugs from artisans to provide income and preserve this specialized craft.

In addition to our signature rugs, we plan on offering a selection of pillows, blankets, and other homeware infused with global inspiration. However, our company pride and heritage lies in our promotion and sharing of the magnificent Chargul rug.