Hand Knotted Red-White Kazak Afghan Rug (4' x 6')

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Product Description

Step into a world of unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship with the breathtaking Red-White Kazak Afghan Rug, a true masterpiece that measures approximately 4' x 6'. This exquisite creation is a testament to the skill and dedication of Afghan artisans who have perfected their art over generations. Handcrafted using only the finest pure wool, this rug is not only incredibly durable but also luxuriously soft, inviting you to indulge in its sumptuous texture.

A Tapestry of Afghan Heritage

Kazak rugs are celebrated worldwide for their bold geometric patterns and vibrant colors that captivate the senses and ignite the imagination. This Red-White Afghan rug is a stunning embodiment of the traditional Kazak design, showcasing a mesmerizing interplay of deep red and pristine white hues, achieved through the use of natural dyes. Each meticulously tied knot tells a story of the rich cultural legacy and unrivaled expertise of Afghan weavers, making this rug a unique and priceless addition to any home.

Craftsmanship That Defies Comparison

With an impressive knot density, this rug boasts a lush and resilient texture that feels luxurious underfoot. The vibrant red and white colors, intricately woven into mesmerizing geometric patterns, create a visual symphony that demands attention and admiration. Each vintage Afghan rug is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, reflecting the meticulous skill and artistic vision of the weaver who breathed life into it.

Versatility That Transcends Boundaries

The Red-White Kazak Afghan Rug is a versatile work of art that effortlessly elevates any space in your home. Its striking presence makes it the perfect focal point for your living room, while its elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to your dining area. The rug's inviting texture also lends itself beautifully to the intimacy of a bedroom. Measuring approximately 4' x 6', this rug is the ideal size to seamlessly integrate into various spaces, enhancing the aesthetic allure of your home with its timeless charm.


  • Dimensions: 4 ft 2 in x 5 ft 10 in (127 cm x 178 cm)
  • Material: Pure Wool
  • Construction: Hand-Knotted by Master Artisans
  • Colors: Red, White, Blue, and Yellow
  • Origin: Afghanistan
  • Crafted by: Afghan artisans in Pakistan

Embrace the Artistry of Kazak Afghan Rugs

Investing in a Kazak rug means acquiring a piece of art that embodies the rich heritage and unparalleled craftsmanship of Afghan weavers. These rugs are celebrated for their durability and timeless design, ensuring that they remain a cherished part of your home for generations to come. Crafted from pure wool, Kazak rugs offer both resilience and a luxurious feel, making them the perfect choice for those who appreciate quality and artistry.

Discover the Magnificence of Afghan Rugs with Chargul

At Chargul, we take immense pride in offering authentic Afghan rugs that showcase the intricate craftsmanship and time-honored traditions of Afghan artisans. Explore our meticulously curated collection to discover the perfect rug that complements your unique style and elevates your home decor. Seize the opportunity to own one of our exclusive Afghan rugs, and bring a piece of Afghan heritage into your life today.

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Why buy from Chargul?

When you purchase an Afghan rug from Chargul, you can expect:

  • Ethical Sourcing: We source directly from Afghan weavers, ensuring fair compensation and supporting local communities.
  • High-Quality Materials: Our rugs are made from premium wool and natural dyes for durability and vibrant colors.
  • Authenticity: Each hand-knotted rug is a genuine piece of Afghan heritage, crafted by skilled artisans.
  • Wide Selection: Choose from a diverse range of designs, sizes, and colors to suit your taste and decor.
  • Customer Support: Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

What is your shipping policy?

  • Shipping Time: Within the US, expect your rug to arrive in 3-5 business days. International orders may take 1-3 weeks.
  • Shipping Costs: Enjoy free shipping on all orders within the United States.
  • Order Tracking: We provide a tracking number via email, allowing you to monitor your shipment's progress.


  • Returns: We offer a 30-day return policy for a full refund, provided the item is in its original condition.
  • Refunds: Once we receive the returned rug, we process refunds within 5 business days.
  • Exchanges: Take advantage of our 30-day exchange policy if you prefer a different rug.
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Handcrafted Wonders from Afghan Artisans

Our Afghan rugs are handwoven masterpieces, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. Each rug tells a unique story through its intricate patterns and vibrant colors, reminiscent of heavenly tapestries. These weavers pour their heart and soul into every knot, creating designs that bring a touch of the divine to any space. Discover the beauty and heritage of hand-knotted Afghan rugs in our exquisite collection.


The Journey of Chargul's Afghan Rugs

From the skilled hands of Afghan artisans to the comfort of your living room, each Chargul rug embarks on a remarkable journey. Discover the story behind these handcrafted treasures and the artisans who create these stunning works of art.

A woman cleaning a hand knotted rug

Handcrafted with Love

Our rugs are more than just decorative pieces; they are labors of love. Skilled Afghan weavers invest countless hours into each rug, creating intricate designs that showcase their cultural heritage and artistic prowess.

A woman testing colors of hand knotted rug

Attention to Detail

The creation of an Afghan rug is a meticulous process that requires patience, precision, and an eye for detail. From the selection of high-quality wool to the final trimming of the fringe, every step is crucial to the overall beauty and durability of the rug.

Woman holding a hand knotted rug, airing out the odor

A Journey to Your Doorstep

Once a rug has been completed, it embarks on a journey from the workshops of Afghan artisans to your home. At Chargul, we ensure that your rug arrives in pristine condition, ready to become a cherished part of your home decor.

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Natural colors

Timeless Beauty, Unmatched Quality

Discover our exquisite collection of Afghan rugs, carefully curated to elevate any space. From muted elegance to rich, vibrant hues, each handcrafted masterpiece tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and style in a variety of sizes, designed to transform your home into a haven of sophistication.

Discover the difference an Afghan rug can make

Transform your space with a touch of elegance

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The Enchantment of an Afghan Rug

Step into a world of captivating beauty and timeless tradition with our exquisite collection of Afghan rugs. Each masterpiece tells a story woven through centuries of craftsmanship, where intricate patterns and vibrant hues intertwine to create a tapestry of art that transcends mere floor coverings.

As you run your fingers over the plush, hand-knotted fabric, you'll feel the love and dedication poured into every stitch. These rugs are not just decor; they are a celebration of the indomitable spirit of Afghan artisans who have passed down their skills from generation to generation, ensuring that their legacy endures.

By welcoming one of these extraordinary creations into your home, you become part of a rich narrative that spans the ages. You are not only transforming your living space into a haven of sophistication and warmth but also supporting a cherished tradition that has triumphed over adversity. Embrace the joy of an Afghan rug and weave your own story into the tapestry of history.